Chilled Cocktails Bartender Training

Chilled Cocktails Bartender Training

The Chilled Cocktails  Bar Consultancy programme has a very clear aim, which is to up skill bar staff and bar teams across the country. In order to do this we have worked with a number of bars, restaurants and hotels around the country providing them bespoke packages to suit their location, their clientele and any other specific needs which might require addressing .

As any bar, hotel or restaurant owner knows only too well, bar costs are increasing year upon year, so it is therefore of the upmost importance that staff are equipped with the specific skills to deliver a professional bar service.  That is where where our Bar Consultancy programme can help.  The programme has a number of key focus points which we feel are essential in order to run a successful and vibrant bar providing the customer with a quality experience.  Some of the focus points are:

  • The Basics of Mixology
  • Bar Etiquette
  • Sales & Marketing
  • New Menu Development

This programme has been created and developed over a number of months by our team of highly experienced industry experts. This team has been drawn together to encompass an array of talents and knowledge gained from working with high profile clients not just in the UK but across the world. It is this plethora of expertise in mixology and flair bartending that adds a further depth of credibility to the programme.

The aim of Chilled Cocktails Menu Development is to improve and innovate cocktail menus across the UK. By offering customers a fresh and exciting cocktail menu you will ultimately increase sales for your business. In order for your cocktails to stand out from the crowd, they need to be unique, exciting and enticing. We work very closely with all of our clients to ensure that their cocktail menu represents their own particular brand and style .This will in turn provide customers with something special that will keep them coming back.

To achieve this we make a promise to all of our clients that all the drinks created on their cocktail menu will be unique and exclusive to their brand. They will not be copied or replicated elsewhere.  Our Menu Development programme will have a number of key focus areas which include: –

•    Planning & Development Stage
•    Cocktail Proposal
•    Menu Tasting Session
•    Menu Creation

If a client chooses the Menu Development Programme, they will be able to access our vast knowledge and experience of the beverage industry. By working closely with our head mixologist clients will have the opportunity to create and develop an amazing cocktail menu that will most definitely have the WOW factor.

Chilled Cocktails – Surpassing Expectations!……



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